About Us

Welcome to wifiblog.com, a wireless networking and security blog created by Wi-Fi professional Kenneth Fernandes. Kenneth created wifiblog.com as a place to educate, entertain, inform, and inspire.  A place to engage globally with those involved with wireless networking and security at all skill levels, such as Network Administrators, Wi-Fi Engineers, enthusiasts, thought leaders, and vendors.

kennethfernandesKenneth Fernandes

Kenneth has 17 years experience in networking and security. Since 2007, he has been focused totally on wireless networking and security. Kenneth currently serves as a Product Manager at ADTRAN where he oversees the wireless product lines such as the Bluesocket virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN). Prior to joining ADTRAN through the acquisition of Bluesocket, Kenneth held several increasingly responsible positions with Bluesocket such as Principle Technical Support Engineer and most recently before acquisition,  Director of Customer Support. In addition, Kenneth has held positions with Vanguard Managed Solutions (formerly Motorola Multiservice Networking Division) and Motorola MND (contract). Kenneth is considered an “engineer’s engineer” by his peers and an authority on Wi-Fi technology. Based out of the Boston, Massachusetts area, Kenneth considers himself a Wi-Fi Enthusiast and is passionate about Wi-Fi.