Welcome Back to WiFiblog.com. It’s been a while! I got caught up in life, neglected to post and subsequently let my web hosting lapse. I have however rebuilt WiFiblog.com back up all new and it’s going to be better than ever. I envision a vibrant wireless community. Besides some great wireless content, what else would you like to see in the future? Posts from other authors from the wireless community, podcasts, videos, discussion forums, job boards, local meetups, etc.? Let me know what content and features you might like to see in the comments?

A lot transpired while I was gone both personally and professionally. In 2016 I packed up the house and family and moved from the Boston, MA area to Huntsville, Alabama – the Rocket City! ADTRAN had acquired Bluesocket, a fast-paced, Boston-based startup who was a leader in the Enterprise Wi-Fi space back in 2011. I was running Wireless Product Management. They were now relocating the company to their corporate headquarters in Huntsville. In 2017 I packed up the house and family yet again and moved from a home we rented for the first year to a home we purchased. In 2017 we also packed up my father’s house in the Boston, MA area and moved him down to Huntsville, AL with us as he was beginning to have memory and cognitive loss due to Dementia/Alzheimer’s. 3 big moves in the course of 2 years!

Huntsville is known as the Rocket City because it’s where the rockets that put the man on the moon were developed. There’s lots of interesting history there around Wernher von Braun who came to the area from Germany and led NASA’s development of the Saturn V rocket that took Apollo 11 to the moon. It’s home to Redstone Arsenal (a large US Army base), the US Army Aviation and Missile command, NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center, as well as the US Space and Rocket Center with its NASA Space Camp. It’s a vibrant engineering community, a mixing pot of cultures, known for Aerospace Engineering and more recently Cyber Security with the FBI moving into Redstone.

Huntsville was a great experience for my family and I. My son with Autism, who was in a specialized school for Autism up North, thrived in the high school mainstream program down there, graduating with honors. My middle daughter joined into the STEM community and a robotics team where we traveled around the country racking up awards. My youngest daughter was born there. My southern belle. My wife didn’t like my idea of naming her Caroline though, as in Sweet Caroline if you’re a Red Sox fan. With all that said however, it was just too hot and humid for us and we missed the ocean. In 2019 I moved on from ADTRAN and took about a year off to care for my father. In 2020 we packed up the house and family again and moved back up North (our 4th move). My father passed away shortly thereafter. It was as if we were bringing him home. Later in 2020 I joined National Grid (a large utility company in the US and UK) as Principal Wireless Architect, Head of Global Wireless Architecture and that’s where I remain today.

I have never really been that big on certifications although I did have a CWNA I completed back in 2019. The CWNP curriculum however has been by my side, every step of the way, paramount to my success. In 2022, facing my CWNA expiring at the end of the month, I had seen a tweet from Lee Badman from Wirednot, encouraging someone with years of design experience similar to myself to just go and take the CWDP. I did just that and passed, which renewed my CWNA in the process. That reinspired me to continue on the certification journey. I have since passed CWAP, CWSP, CWISA, C5S and CBRS CPI and I am now working on the required publications, essays and such to submit my application for CWNE. It’s encouragement like that of Lee that makes the wireless community special and has reinspired and reinvigorated me to not only continue down the certification path but also give back by rebuilding WiFiblog.com – a place to educate, entertain, inform and inspire.  A place to engage globally with those involved with wireless networking at all skill levels. Given I started this blog back in 2015 with a blog titled Inspired, it’s only fitting that my first blog after rebuilding is titled Reinspired!